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Glutton for Punishment? The Orange SPV C500

I’ve just ordered my new ‘phone upgrade; I’ve gone for a the Orange SPV C500.

Now this may be a bad thing: I currently have the SPV E100, and I swore I’d never go near another Windows-based ‘phone after the problems I’ve had with this one.

Orange SPV E100 Orange SPV C500

Orange SPV E100 (left) and Orange SPV C500 (right)

I’ve had loads of problems with my current ‘phone - it even managed to reset itself over the weekend (loosing all my settings), and for some reason the tone dialing has broken too, so I can’t use any of the “Press #1 for sales, #2 for billing…” thinggies.

We’ll see what happens, and no doubt I’ll rant about it here if it all goes wrong!

Can this weekend thing continue?

I seem to have had a run of great weekends lately. Although cut short, I’ve been in Elgin in Scotland for a wedding this weekend. I flew up from Gatwick to Inverness on Friday morning for the wedding on Saturday. I’d forgotten it was a bank holiday today, so I booked a return for Sunday instead of Monday. Doh! Wish I had realised as it would have been good to spend some more time up there.

The wedding was for some friends from Cambridge, and although it was quite a long distance to go, I’m really glad I went. Its weird seeing a bunch of people you know and associate with one location all in another location. I don’t mean at the wedding especially, but when you’re walking down Elgin High Street its funny just bumping into people you know. It’s a bit like you’ve been living somewhere for a while and already settled in!

The wedding service was really nice, and the reception was great: good food, good speeches, good drink, and good fun!

So I had a great time. Although there wasn’t much of it spare, I managed to get a look ’round Elgin. It seems to be a nice place, and the surroundings are much nicer than mine down south. Think I need to pay Scotland a proper visit some time - seems to be loads to do.

The other thing that struck me was how friendly everyone was. I stayed one night with the groom’s cousin (who I think deserves a badge for “Most helpful person in the world”), and was then going to stay the groom’s parents the night after the wedding (though this plan changed slightly at the last minute ;-)) That’s another example of how hospitable they all were - thinking about putting people up the night after going through all the wedding stuff.

Anyway, I’m having tomorrow afternoon off to do car-related stuff, so got to get on with work today. No rest for the wicked :-(

What a great day…

It’s 11:45, and I’ve just finished my accounts and VAT return. Hooray!

I hate paperwork, and I’ve been putting this stuff off for ages. Still, I now have 20 months of tidy records :-)

I finally have a chance to sit down, and I’m having an interesting beer: La Trappe Trappistenbier. It’s quite tasty, and although it’s brewed in Holland, it reminds me of the beer I used to drink while on an excavation in Bavaria.

I’ve still got the gmail invites if anyone wants one, by the way.

Got to be up before 6.00 AM tomorrow, so better neck this and get to bed. Toodle pip.

Gmail Invites

I noticed that Runningtings has 4 gmail invites if anyone is after them. I think I have a few too, so if you have no luck over at RT’s place, let me know.


Forced to stop working last night when it felt like one of my eyes wanted to give up the ghost. Bit scary that. Still need a holiday!

Canon EOS 20D

Some of you will know that I have been looking to get a digital camera for some time.

There have been lots of cameras around for some time, but none of them have been just right for me. And when you’re spending lots of hard-earned cash, you really need to make the right choice.

My plan was to get a Canon Powershot Pro 1 in a few weeks, then get a Canon EOS 1D Mk II in a few months.

This would be a good combination, but the EOS 1D is damned expensive, and that wouldn’t leave much money for new lenses. It seems a bit silly spending more on a camera than on my car too, and for this reason I was very pleased to find out that Canon are launching a new dSLR, the Canon EOS 20D, in the next month or so :-)

Canon EOS 20D Canon EOS 20D with vertical battery grip BG-E2

It looks to really blow the 10D out of the water in terms of improvements (almost instant power on, for example), and I think it will cost about the same (or maybe even less ;-)) than the 10D does. So this is really great news: at last a camera that I don’t think would bug me!

There have been rumours of a Canon EOS 3D coming out, and I’m sure there will be one eventually. But I’m not sure how this would fit in the line up of existing cameras. While it could take sales away from the EOS 1D MkII, this isn’t a bad thing. At the end of the day Canon want to sell cameras to everyone, so I’m sure they won’t mind that. Anyway, I think they would have announced that at the same time as all the others, so I guess nothing will be happening for a while.

There are some reviews of new EOS 20D here, here, here, here and also here.

I would still like to get a compact camera, but I don’t think I’ll need to go as far as getting the Pro 1. I’ll look around for something smaller and less expensive.

Right, got to press on. TTFN

/MSOffice/cltreq.asp?UL=1 rubish

Been getting lots of 404s in my logs for the following files:


Found an answer here.

Damned IE.

New Link

Just added a link to Dan’s blog: Male Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse. The topics discussed may be ones that some people find unpleasant, but it’s a good read. It’s worth spending some time reading the older posts for the background.