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I’m very pleased to see…

that Jim has finally got his web site up.

Well done that chap!

Must get a reading light for the toilet

The only place I seem to get any reading done is in the toilet. This has been the case since I was much younger - the majority of my exam revision at school was done in this sacred room for example.

Anyway, I think decent book shelf would be handy, and some sort of reading light is a must. Come to think of it, a fold down desk-top would be pretty useful too, and maybe a touch screen thin client computer (though this may be a bit unhygienic…)

Hmm, something to think about ;-)

Kind of Blue

I know I keep saying it, but the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis has to be the best album in the world ever!

You can work to it, drink to it, go to sleep to it, and if I could find a girl that liked Jazz I’m sure there’s lots of other things you could do to it!

Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies

Veteran BBC broadcaster John Peel has died at the age of 65.

Shame that - he seemed like quite a good chap.

Fantasy Football Password

Anyone do the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football stuff? Well, here are the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football Passwords if you want them…

So if you’re looking for the telegraph fantasy football transfer password or the telegraph fantasy football code, look no further!

I need a break!

Yeah, I know this is probably getting a bit repetative, but boy do I need a decent holiday!

It’s nearly 9:30 PM, and I’ve just finished work. This wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t started working until, say 2.00 PM, but today I was at my desk by 8:30! If only I got paid by the hour… Anyway, while this work is taking way too long, it should be a good site when it’s finished. I’m too much of a perfectionist and this tends to slow things down at times.

I took a break just over an hour ago to make my dinner, and it should be ready soon so I’m going to open a nice bottle of beer. (Found a great deal in Sainsburys the other day: £12.99 for 12 bottles of Black Sheep Ale :-) ) For a change I’m having casserole for dinner. Unfortunately I’m out of nice bread to soak up the gravy, so it could get messy! Ooh err missus!

Right, beer calling!

Gas Turbine-Powered Go Cart

Just taking a tea-break and saw the worlds fastest go cart on Fifth Gear. This little beauty does 1 mile to the gallon, and reached 143 miles per hour! Hehheh :-)

With me lick

Just sent an email to someone, and finished it off with wish me luck. Or so I thought. I’d actually typed with me lick, which wouldn’t have been spotted by the spell checker. Lucky I spotted that….