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Marc Moulin

A good friend of mine, Tonino, got me listening to Marc Moulin a few years ago while we were contracting together. I’ve had the CDs on today at work, and I must say they really are very cool.

He was playing in London recently I think, but unfortunately I was unable to attend the gig :-(

Anyway, if you want to try him out, I can personally recommend Sam Suffy, Top Secret, or Placebo Sessions 1971-1974.

Go on, you know you want to!

Lens Calculator now includes Canon EF-S mount lenses

It was supposed to be an early night tonight, but that doesn’t seem to have happened :-(

Anyway, I’ve updated the lens calculator so that it now includes the new Canon EOS 20D. This camera has a slightly smaller sensor than the EOS 10D, 300D, 60D etc., so it has a slightly different angle of view (given a specific lens) than you might expect. (Though you would normally have a hard time telling this.)

This is a bad thing for me, because as sensors get smaller the harder it is to get a decent wide angle lens for your camera!

As Canon have introduced two new EF-S mount lenses (that only fit the EOS 300D and the EOS 20D), I’ve moved all three of them now to their own catalogue. You can also find the LensCalc Lite version just for the Canon EF-S lenses.

I’ve just realised that for the first time in months I’ve not cooked a casserole tonight! I get pizzas and fish & chips once or twice a week, and sometimes I even eat out. But whenever I’ve made myself a real myself in the last few months (we’re talking more than three here…) it has always been a casserole! Strange but true :-)

Now it’s time for bed.

WordPress Comment Spam

I’ve been having a lot of problems with comment spam lately. Perhaps not as much as some people, but it’s a bit of a pain none the less. I’ve had comment moderation turned on for several weeks, but this is a pain for people who leave real comments as their message won’t appear straight away.

Anyway, I’ve found what look to be good solutions. The simplest is to rename your ‘wp-comments-post.php’ file to something else. It seems some spam-bots are rather cunning though, and they actually take the time to parse your comment form, so this won’t work in all instances.

There is a load of stuff in the WP forum on this subject, so I won’t go over it all again here.

Having said that, I think that Rob Novak’s Spider Trap is worth a mention for its sheer cunning. Some people believe IP banning is a waste of time though - and I’m inclined to agree with them.

Finally, you should take a good look at what is perhaps the definitive list of WordPress anti-spam tactics.

Right, my tea should be well brewed now :-) Time for breakfast.

Christmas Presents

It’s seems to be that time of year again :-( It has to be said, I’m not a major fan of Christmas or New Year and I’m glad when it’s all over. Bah humbug.

Alas it’s hard to escape from, so you have to try and make the most of it. So right now I’m trying to choose presents for my family. It would be good to get them ordered (don’t you love the internet?!) before the end of next week, but it’s pretty hard choosing stuff for some of the family. Does anyone know good places for inspiration? So far I’ve got the following sites:

Anyone know anywhere else that’s good for inspiration?

On a totally different note, while browsing perlworld I found a link to Ian’s Shoelace Site (!) Now, before you dismiss it entirely, go and have a look! I have to say, I found the Shoe Lacing Methods page very interesting. No, really I did!

Final Notice

We have tried to contact you 2 times now regarding your loan / mortgage. Our company will approve you for 1.45% but we need some information.

So if it’s the final notice, how come I get at least 20 of them a day? And why would anyone take out a mortgage that was offered to them via spam email???

New additions

Two new sites added to my links thinggie. Not a new blog, but I’m glad to see that Gibster is back from his fishing trip. Perlworld looks like it may be interesting too - if you’re a bit of a geek ;-)

Balloon Decorating

For various reasons, I’ve been looking into balloon decorating web sites lately. It seems like a strange business to me, but there you go.

Anyway, I have been surprised by the number of web sites devoted balloon decorating! Here are just a few of the larger sites and directories:

So there you go: all the information on balloon decorators that you could want! Before I turn into a directory of balloon decorators I’d better stop now. Don’t worry: I’ll keep taking the pills.

Virtual Bartender

… or the Virtual Beer Girl. Looking for the Virtual Bartender Codes? I don’t normally post the crap that comes through the email every day, but this time I have to make an exception!

Have a look at this:

When it loads, ask the ‘bartender’ to:

  • give me a beer
  • eat a banana
  • bend over

There are lots more things you can ask her… see what you can find!