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It’s strange…

… how much variance there is in the amount of liquid in a tin of peeled plum tomatoes. It makes cooking each new batch of pasta sauce an exciting in interesting challenge ;-)

Why do we do it?

Two thoughts for the day:

1) Why do we sit through a film on TV with adverts when we own the DVD? Makes no sense - especially as films on TV are often shortened to fit into programming schedules.

I’m just watching the adverts during Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (which would be on my list of favorite films), but have the DVD on the shelf! Odd. I do the same with James Bond - I have nearly all the James Bond DVDs, but only ever watch the films when they come on TV!

2) Why do we buy pasta sauce? It doesn’t take much extra time to make it yourself from tomatoes (I use pealed plum tomatoes), and it tastes so much better!

Anyway, better get back to my food before it goes cold…

Jamaica Primrose wallpaper


Originally uploaded by marky moo.

There are still some flowers in the garden - this is Argyranthemum ‘Jamaica Primrose’. Decided it made a nice desktop wallpaper :-) It’s only 1024×768 pixels though I’m afraid. May do a 1280×1024 one at some point.

Avian flu found in parrot in UK

Oh shit.

While I remember - spidering hacks

As I’m trying to write a bot/some bots for BritBlog I got an O’Reilly book called Spidering Hacks. It’s basically loads of perl examples (hacks), but covers a wide range of perl modules including LWP, WWW::Mechanize, HTML::TreeBuilder and HTML::TokeParser. Topics include spidering, scraping and data mining, and it’s actually pretty interesting. Perl isn’t one of the easiest languages to deal with when there are reams and reams of code, but the examples are all quite concise (thanks to the excellent perl modules available), and generally really easy to understand. I’ve been flicking through this book for a couple of weeks now, and it really is very good.

So if you fancy having a play at writing your own bots then I can recommend this as an excellent guide!

Busy busy busy!

Been so busy lately - am really zonked.

Been in meetings all over the place this last week or so - and am off to Glasgow in the morning for a 9.30! Problem is that even with early starts there is preasure to work ’till the end of the ‘normal’ working day, and I’m not good without sleep…

Anyhoo, I’m hoping to get back on top of the BritBlog stuff soonish. Am very close with the ping stuff, but just need to get it finished! Am trying to choose somewhere to go on holiday to too. I want a bit of winter sun but no crowds - oh yes, and it has to be cheap! Any suggestions?

My TV is broken


I hardly watch any TV, but it’s nice to have a beer and watch the Simpsons when I get in from work :-(

XML-RPC Update Service

More news on the BritBlog XML-RPC ping update service! I’ve re-written it, so we’re back to alpha testing. This is a public trial, so it would be good if you could help test it. More details can be found on the BritBlog blog