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Alexa Web Information Service

Just had an email through from the amazon affiliates thinggie:

The Alexa Web Information Service 1.0 release is now available. The Alexa Web Information Service offers developers a platform for creating innovative applications based on Alexa’s vast repository of information about the Web.

I’ve been playing with web services a lot lately, so I’m looking forward to having a play with this. I’m sure I should be able to integrate some of this stuff into BritBlog…

It gets worse

Yesterday I managed to leave my mobile ‘phone on a bus. I can’t believe I did it, and it’s a real pain in the arse.

So as I didn’t manage to get a back up of my phone address book in the last 14 months, the chances are I’ve now lost your number.

I’m still hoping someone will hand the phone into the bus driver, but the bus company didn’t have it last night when I called so it’s not looking good.

Bugger. Bugger bugger bugger.

Right, if I know you, can you please take a moment to contact me and send me all your contact details. You know I’m bad with birthdays, so this would be a good chance for you to remind me when yours is too…

The good and the bad

The Bad

I had a week off work last week (annual leave), and I had loads planned! I was going to get up early and go out and take photos. After returning home for a hearty breakfast I was going to go off for a walk in the Surrey Hills, followed by a nice pub lunch and decent pint. I also had loads of paperwork to do for my (old) business, so I was going to do that in the first couple of afternoons so that I then had the rest of the week to do some long needed work on BritBlog.

That was the plan.

Needless to say I managed to waste most of the time. In hindsight I should have left the paperwork until Friday as my feeble attempts to do it earlier on in the week lacked motivation (I had loads of time - what’s the rush?). My new ipod kept me slightly distracted too as I ripped all my old CDs onto it. Bah. It’s left me feeling quite annoyed with myself. I didn’t manage to finish my urgent paperwork (I’m being fined left, right and centre it’s all so overdue), nor did I get the work on BritBlog done that I wanted to do.

Anyway, best not to dwell on this stuff. I’m nearly sorted out paper-work wise, so that will be a huge weight off my shoulders when complete. It will also make my desk nice and clear so the BritBlog work should be easier to do :-)

The Good

It’s not all bad news though. I think I live for ideas, and I had a great one yesterday (even if I say so myself). And if that’s not good enough, I had an even better one this afternoon! I really think its good, and so far I can’t find anything like it on the web. I’m sure that can’t be the case, but that doesn’t bother me anyway - it’s just nice to have a nice simple idea that could be really popular!

Anyway I can’t tell you about it yet, but I’m teaming up with a friend to do a prototype soon so watch this space!

The challenge now is getting to sleep with my mind buzzing full of ideas!

Ipod Nano - proud owner :)

I finally got my ipod nano - a 4GB white beauty :-)

Spent most of yesterday evening working out how to use it and getting to grips with Apple’s iTunes. Not convinced I like iTunes, but it seems to be the only tool I can use.

I only managed to get 364 tunes on my 4GB version so I’m now going through the process of converting everything to 128kbps AAC files instead of the 320kbps MP3 files. This is making a lot of space available and from what people have said, I won’t notice the sound difference. Hmmm, we’ll see.

Anyway, the nano is a very nice piece of kit, but I’m not convinced it’s as robust as it could be. I need to get a case for it too, or else it’s going to get scratched to bits. On the plus side, the sound quality is excellent, and it looks like the battery life will be good too :)

Send Marsh Fireworks

Took a few photos at the Send Marsh fireworks display on Saturday (November 5th). Couldn’t be bothered with a tripod for the actual fireworks, so these are just some photos of the bonfire. Taken with Canon EOS 20D, EF 50mm f/1.4, mostly at ISO 1600.

BritBlog nominated for Best of .net Awards

I was quite surprised to receive an email today telling me that has been nominated for the Best of .net awards 2005 in the Best Blog category.

We’re up against the likes of , , , , and , so I don’t expect we’ll get that many votes, but it’s nice to be recognised as they say.

Anyway, if you vote you get a chance to win a huge flat screen TV, a very nice digital camera, or an ipod photo, so if you’ve got a moment to spare why not vote for us and enter the competition?