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Cool Google gift

Got this rather cool Google gift through the post yesterday. It has a mini USB optical mouse, a USB memory fob, a USB hub, and a USB LED light. Not sure why they sent it, but it was a nice little surprise :-)

Anyway, it’s nearly Christmas, so time for me to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, however you choose to celebrate it!

Update There seem to be some variations in the little kits Google are sending out. Some have larger memory sticks (mine’s only 64 MB - some are 128 MB), some have wireless mice instead of USB, and some have batteries, earpieces and mics. Anyway, mustn’t grumble - it’s still a cool gift. Thanks Google!

Here are some photos of other variations:

Update 02/01/2006 I’ve just started a google gear flickr group. I thought it would be interesting to pull all these sort of photos together…

Top of the British Blogs v2.0

Woohoo! The new version of the Top of the British Blogs has gone live! It’s taking longer than it should to get up and working, but it’s getting there…

Why not head over to BritBlog and take a peak?