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Long time no Geek

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good geeky chat over a beer, so a flying visit to Cambridge at the weekend was just the ticket.

Had some very nice ale (Brains’ The Rev. James; probably the nicest beer I’ve had in a long while…), a good roast lunch, and a great chat with a couple of old friends about a range of things from new online business ideas to the future of BritBlog.

As usual we came up with some great and cunning ways to quit our jobs and go self employed again (we all used to run small businesses from my house in Cambridge… ahh, the good ol’ days)
. One of these ideas was exceptionally cunning, but it wasn’t clear how it would actually cover it’s running costs let alone pay us all handsomely :-(
On the BritBlog topic, there were some great ideas about new features we could add, so I’m quite hopeful that we can do some of these. There was a very cunning one to do with aggregate RSS feeds, so I’ll let you know if anything comes from this.

While in Cambridge I deposited the new BritBlog server off with a friend who is going to build it for us, ready to go in the rack next to the existing server in London. It will take a few weeks to do this, but it will be great to move some of the work off the existing server.

Finally, Technoranki is coming along nicely. Nearly got the ’self signup’ feature working, so anyone will be able to add their blog to the system.

Right, got to dash.

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Canon EOS 30D - finally here!

Canon today has unveiled the EOS 30D, a refined version of the EOS 20D that shares the same image sensor and numerous other core camera components but adds a 2.5-inch (diagonal) rear LCD, increased burst depth, Picture Styles, a shutter with a higher duty cycle rating and a long list of other camera usability changes.


This has been anticipated for a long time, so I’m glad Canon have finally announced it so everyone can stop guessing what the specification will be!

Looks like a decent camera (of course), but I won’t be replacing my trusty 20D… not unless I get an EOS 5D :-)

More information here, here and here.

Performancing for Firefox

I stumbled across an advert for Performancing for Firefox the other day while browsing technorati, so thought I’d give it a go. Performancing is a blogging plugin which allows you to write posts for your blog in a nice little editor. I’m still trying to work out why this is better than using the wordpress web interface, but there we go - I had to give it a try! This is, in fact, a test post from Performancing, so if you’re reading this then at least it does what it’s supposed to!

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