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Flickr Books

The flickr blog recently published a list of books that deal with the flickr API. This is quite good timing - I’ve been thinking about doing a little project with this API for a while now… should be able to tell you more about that in the next few months.

Anyway, the API is very well documented so you can probably get by without a book, but it’s often interesting flicking throughs these things to give you inspiration. Call me old fashioned too, but I still prefer to read a printed book than squint away at my computer screen!

Ideas, ideas, and more ideas!

I guess it’s because it’s (nearly) Spring, but I’ve been having lots of ideas lately. Some have been formulated with others over a beer, and others have just grown on their own. All however require more time than I can presently throw at them, which is rather annoying.

What I need is a team of crack coders and ideas people, all living within drinking distance of me so that we can bash these ideas out quickly when they come in. That would be cool :)

It’s a shame we all have to work for a living really. A three day week would be perfect at the moment, or maybe a month off work… (on full pay, of course) but I know they’re not going to happen. Ho hum :-( Maybe a lottery win would do me :)

Another good night

I bumped into an old school friend last week, and we arranged to go out for a drink and meal tonight in Epsom (Surrey, UK). We were trying to work out how long it was since we last met up; not sure that we came to a conclusion, but it was another great night: I hope we can get together again!

It’s funny really: I’m not really the most social of people, but I’ve been catching up with quite a few people lately and have had an excellent time each time!

We chatted about some interesting things, mainly revolving around work, careers, and geek stuff. Sanj is probably more aligned with my work/career ethic than most people I know, so with me being a bit of an entrepreneur it will be interesting to see if anything happens over the next few years…

Anyway, you probably won’t read this, but good to see you again mate!

Nice beer, foul taste.

Slightly odd title, but I hope it makes sense when you get to the end.

I met up with Gary (formerly Perlworld) last night for a beer. He was down in London for a training course today, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get together for a beer. And I have to say it was a real pleasure to finally meet him and put a face to the name!

Unfortunately though the evening ended on a not-so-nice note, as Gary’s mobile ‘phone and PDA were stolen from his coat. It’s amazing to think that people actually do this kind of thing - the coat was on the back of his stool (that he was sitting in), and one of the two people sitting behind us must have actually done the pilfering. I guess the loss of the devices isn’t so bad (they can be replaced, and hopefully restored from back-ups), but the thought that a person is prepared to rummage around your coat pockets looking for something to steal is quite unpleasant.

I don’t expect either device will turn up now, but the pub has CCTV so I hope they manage to identify these low-lives and do something nasty to them!

Five Things Tag

Oh dear, I seem to have been tagged by Gary. This isn’t the sort of thing I’d normally do, but seeing as it’s Gary, here goes…

What were you doing ten years ago?

I can’t really remember - I was either at Uni, or getting ready for my A-Levels.

What were you doing one year ago?

Hmmm, after a quick look in the archives it seems I was doing pretty much exactly the same as I’m doing now: starting bits of code and not finishing them, moaning that I’m too busy, and complaining!

Things need to change!

Five snacks you enjoy:

Difficult one this one.

  1. Crisps and beer
  2. Dark chocolate and beer
  3. Cakes - esp. cream slices and chocolate ├ęclairs
  4. Jafa Cakes
  5. Guinness (come on - it’s a meal in itself ;-) )

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

Even harder than the last one. I tend to like tunes that don’t have lyrics, but I’ve been singing along to Recipie for Love in the car lately, and a few other Harry Connick Jr. tunes…

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Quit my job!
  2. Buy some new camera gear, then…
  3. …Go on a very long holiday!
  4. Buy a house without neighbors
  5. Get a better car

So not much imagination there really.

Five things you like doing:

  1. Walking
  2. Taking photos
  3. Drinking a decent pint of ale with one or two friends
  4. Having a good dump (did I just say that out loud?!)
  5. Writing some cunning code…

Five things you would never wear again:

Who thought these up?

  1. No idea - I wear what ever comes out of the wardrobe first!

Five favourite toys:

I don’t really have many toys, so this may be a bit lame:

  1. My camera
  2. My iPod
  3. My PSP (though this is new - may get bored with it soon)
  4. My computer - this has to be in the list seeing as I spend most of my life at one…
  5. My car - not really a toy, but I love the freedom it gives me - and driving it is like one of those scary fairground rides ;-)

Pass the parcel

4th Elysian Beer Festival

Life (and work) is way too busy at the moment, hence the major lack of bloggage these last few months.

Anyway, I managed to find time to pop up to Cambridge this weekend: this time for the 4th Elysian Beer Festival (photos here). I’m sorry to say I’ve misplaced my festival beer list so I can’t tell you what I had and what I thought, but suffice it to say that the beer was of an excellent standard, and the free shuttle bus laid on by the kind people at the Live & Let Live in Cambridge was a great touch.

The following morning was nice and sunny, so Jim, Matt and I went of to Anglesey Abbey (photos here) for a walk. This was pleasant enough, but it would have been nicer if there were some flowers and things out - it must be much better in the summer — or even then spring!

Lunch was in the White Swan in Stow-cum-Quy, and was very tasty indeed (though not as good as last weeks lunch in the Fort St. George, which was accompanied by some exceptionally nice ale), and the afternoon was rounded off by some coffee and cake.

Anyway, Matt and Jim have both agreed to help out on the new BritBlog, so we had a good chat about the possibilities throughout the day. There are some great ideas coming up, and it will be great to get some of them in place for BritBlog.

I really miss not living in Cambridge and being able to throw ideas around with other like-minded people. I keep thinking of getting a job up there, but there are so many geeks in those parts it makes the competition a lot higher! Still, one day…

As I said, the new ideas for BritBlog are coming along nicely, so once our new web server is set up and in place we can start working on it properly.

Right, the oven should be warm now, so time to put the chicken in!

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The future of BritBlog

I’ve just made quite an important announcement over at BritBlog.

Over the next few months BritBlog is going to see quite a few changes. First of all, BritBlog and Scottish Blogs are going to join forces. There seems no point in both Gordon and myself running separate sites, so by combining forces we should be able to offer our members a much better service.

The BritBlog web application (web site) will see a total re-write too - the main goals of which will be to improve the community feel of the site, to allow special interest groups and communities to form, and to develop more useful resources for British Bloggers.

Anyway, exciting times are ahead! Head over to BritBlog to read the full announcement, and if you’ve got any comments we’d be keen to hear them!

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