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Trip to Glasgow

Phew! I just got back from a day trip to Glasgow. Had a business meeting at 2:30-ish, and an early finish meant that I could meet up with Gordon from Scottish Blogs for a quick beer. We’ve been in touch for the last year or so talking about combining forces on the Scottish Blogs/BritBlog front, so it was great to finally meet him face to face. I still find it a bit funny meeting up with bloggers (I met Gary from Binary Slate last month - my first beer with a blogger), but so far they have all been very enjoyable occasions, and I’m really looking forward to the first BritBlog blogmeet (plug plug)!

Anyway, as I said, it was great to finally meet Gordon. He’s a really nice chap, and it should be a lot of fun moving our joint project forward. Now I just need to find some spare time and we’ll be sorted!

ShoZu - load photos to Flickr from your mobile phone

DSC00123.JPG, uploaded by marky moo.

I’ve been playing with ShoZu, which is a tool that allows you to upload photos to flickr (and other services) from your mobile phone.

You can tag images, add descriptions and so on, and so far it seems quite good!

Just need to make sure the image resolution isn’t too high or it will take forever to upload (and cost a fortune!)

Can it be hayfever?

I really can’t believe it’s started already, but for the last three days my nose hasn’t stopped running, my eyes have been itchy, and I keep sneezing. At first I thought it was a cold. Lot’s of people have had colds lately, and yesterday it seemed a lot better. But today it’s back and means business.

Has anyone else got hayfever yet? What’s bringing it on? There’s nothing growing outside yet! Bah!

“Who ya gonna call?”

I can’t believe it: Ghost Busters, released in 1984, is 22 years old! I’m sure I went to see this at the cinema when it came out (which would have made me quite young - really…), but I can’t believe the film is that old. Twenty two years old!

While I was at IMDB I had a look at a couple of other films. Back to the Future is 21 years old, Police Academy is also 22, and The Blues Brothers (which I didn’t see at the cinema) is 26!!

I can’t believe how time flies!

Messing with the Gimp.

Just downloaded The Gimp (which is free) as I’ve been after some software with a channel mixer that outputs monochrome (for black and white).

This allows you to mimic the use of colour filters with black and white film. For example, a red filter makes the blue sky dark, a green filter lightens up the folliage.

Anyway, it is a bit clunky on Windows and I’ve not tried it on Linux yet (or not for about six years), but if you want to do some black and white stuff with your digital photos then you may find this a lot more useful than Photoshop Elements.

(Note: I’m assuming that PS Elements doesn’t have the channel mixer. I’ve been using Elements 2.0, which is quite a few years old now.)

Seen any Daffodils?

I know, I know, another damn daffodil photo. Well it’s probably the last of the year, and is available in desktop wallpaper sizes if you want to remind yourself (through the rain) that it’s nearly summer ;-)

Bodiam Castle

Went down to visit my little brother in Brighton on Saturday, and we popped over to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex for the afternoon via a moderately nice pub for lunch.

Anyway, it was probably the first really nice day of the year - I think I even got a little bit of colour in my face, though it’s all gone now.

Found a National Trust Group on Flickr too, so joined up and will start adding appropriate photos to that group. It seems really well organised, so should be interesting to see how it grows.

So here’s hoping for more days like Saturday (preferably at the weekend…)