FlickrViewer - a PHP Flickr interface for SimpleViewer

I came across a nifty little Flash applet today called SimpleViewer. SimpleViewer is “a free, customizable Flash image viewing application“.

It’s pretty nifty I have to say, so I wrote a little bit of PHP (during my lunch break) to get SimpleViewer to pull in photos from a specified photo set in my Flickr account.

I’ve called this bit of code (rather imaginatively) FlickrViewer. You can see it in action here.

At the moment it’s a first draft. I’m happy for others to use it too, but I’d like to get a couple of people to ‘alpha/beta test’ it first. If you’re interested in getting involved, leave a comment below.

If you don’t want to help test, but want to use it on your site, just watch this category on my blog - I’ll update it when the code is available for download.

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4 Responses to “FlickrViewer - a PHP Flickr interface for SimpleViewer

  • Zack
    May 12th, 2006 22:12

    Hey, I’m interested in testing this out - looks real cool. I’ve used autoviewer and simpleviewer for a while, and have been dying to see integration with Flickr. Let me know how I can help. I’m the webmaster of two sites.

    - Zack

  • Zack
    May 12th, 2006 22:15

    Ah, and to warn you just in case this takes off - FlickrViewer is taken already by these guys -

  • marky moo
    May 12th, 2006 22:28

    Hi Zack, thanks for getting in touch. I think it’s nearly ready to ‘go out there’ - just got to write some instructions to go with it… Should get this done over the weekend.

    Shame about the FlickrViewer name, but it’s not the end of the world - it’s only a name! It ties in nicely with SimpleViewer, so I think I’ll leave it as is for the mean time.

    I’ll drop a post up here when it’s ready to download.

  • jibe
    July 17th, 2006 14:54


    i wanted to have an application like this for my website .. but not with flickr, because my website is something like that… is it possible ?

    could u help me ?



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