FlickrViewer 1.0 Beta released

OK, the first release of FlickrViewer is available for download! Note that it is distributed under the GPL license.

FlickrViewer is a (hopefully) simple to use enhancement to SimpleViewer that allows SimpleViewer to display a selected flickr photo set. You can see it in action here.


  • You need PHP running on your web server (tested on PHP 4.3 on Linux)
  • You need a flickr API key (get one here)
  • You need to decide which flickr photo set (one of yours) you want to display
  • You need to know the URL of your main photo page
  • You need to be able to write a temporary file to your web server somewhere (e.g. /tmp or C:\temp)


  1. Download and install the latest version of SimpleViewer. FlickrViewer 1.0 beta has been tested with version 1.7 of SimpleViewer.
  2. Download FlickrViewer and extract the files to your web server.
  3. Replace the SimpleViewer file index.html with the new version of index.html contained in the FlickrViewer download.
  4. Move the file flickrViewer.php into your SimpleViewer directory.
  5. Open the file flickrViewer.php in a text editor and complete the configuration section. See below for more details.


The following is taken from the configuration section of the flickrViewer.php file. You will need to edit the file and complete the values as indicated before it will work.

/* What is your API key? Enter it below in the quotes
* If you don’t know your API key you can get if here:
$apikey = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’;

/* What is the set ID for the photos you would like to display?
* All photos must be public and added to this set.
* The set id can be got from the set url. For example:
* Photo set URL:
* So the photo set ID is
*    72057594052387557
$setid = ‘nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’;

/* What is the URL of your main photo page?
* For example, mine is:
* Remember to include the trailing slash!
$userurl = ‘’;

/* FlickrViewer needs a place where it can write a temporary file.
* This is used to cache the data downloaded from Flickr so that your
* website goes faster!
* The web server must be able to read/write to your chosen location.
$cache = ‘/tmp/flickr.xml’;

/* Cache age - set the maximum age of the cache file in seconds.
* This needs to reflect the frequency you update your photo set, so
* you may get away with a day or two cache age.
$ttl = 43200; // 12 hours

/* Set the title that will appear just above the thumbnails.
$title = ‘My Favourite Photos’;

That should be about it! It’s worth opening up the flickrViewer.php file in your web browser to check for errors before ‘going live’. For example, take a look at this one:

You may need to view the source to check there is nothing saying “Error….”.

This is the first public release, so if you have any problems getting it to work then please get in touch.

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5 Responses to “FlickrViewer 1.0 Beta released

  • stef
    May 17th, 2006 15:38

    This is excellent !!

    but i can’t use it on a free web server(because i can’t chmod on servers)…that’s a shame…
    i have a question : how can i do if i want to put all my photos and not only a set?
    stef, paris, france

  • octiliniu
    May 18th, 2006 13:57

    well, check it out, it seems to be working at, but as i told you already, i had to take out the lines that deal with the temporary file.

    the page would probably load faster if I’d (We’d) solve the problem, but I’m still quite happy about it the way it is now.


  • marky moo
    May 18th, 2006 17:06

    Looks good octiliniu!

    I’m going to provide an option to disable caching in the next release. It’s bad practice, but should make it easier for some people to use.

  • John D
    June 4th, 2006 01:33

    I’m really psyched to get Imageviewer/Flickrviewer up and running, but I’m running into a roadblock. I’m trying to set up a Mobile Blog, so that I can send photos from directly my phone to Flickr, and then have Imageviewer/Flickrviewer display the images. The thing is, when you send a photo from your phone to Flickr, you can auto-tag it, but there’s no way (that I’m aware of), to create a Fickr album that automatically updates a set with new photos. Is there any way to configure Flickrviewer to read a tag URL (ie vs. a set ID? Any other suggestions?

  • marky moo
    June 4th, 2006 08:24

    Hi John,

    That’s another good idea, thanks. Yes, that is possible too, so I’ll incorporate that into a future release. Thanks!

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