FlickrViewer 1.1 released

I’ve just released version 1.1 of FlickrViewer. (I didn’t find any bugs in 1.0 beta so there was never a 1.0 release.) Download it here.

FlickrViewer is a PHP extension that enables SimpleViewer to display photos directly from a Flickr set.

This new version adds the following features:

  • An option to show/hide link to flickr photo page
  • An option to show/hide image caption/title
  • An option to enable/disable server-side caching
  • Added cache-friendly HTTP headers
  • Added a debug mode to provide extra information when diagnosing installlation/configuration problems

As always, let me know how you get on with the code.

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87 Responses to “FlickrViewer 1.1 released

  • Lauren
    May 22nd, 2006 08:59

    thats awesome

    great work

  • suzie
    May 24th, 2006 02:24

    hey! Looks great, but I couldn’t get it to work. :(
    Even tried without the cache. Is the API “Authentication Setup” necessary?

  • marky moo
    May 24th, 2006 06:30

    Suzie, authentication isn’t necessary, no. Have you opened the flickrViewer.php file up in your web browser to see what the error message is?

    If you tell me the URL of your gallery I may be able to spot the problem.

  • Dave Currin
    May 25th, 2006 17:01

    Hi there,

    Nice script. Makes Simpleviewer much more appealing. Been playing around with it a bit. Having some initial trouble changing colours. It works when I use the original index.html file and imageData.xml document, but when I try to change the php generated xml colour information it doesn’t seem to register. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but thought I’d post here anyway.

    Also, I was thinking of some modificatons so that I could pass different urls to the script and have it display different image galleries, rather than have just one url variable defined. This would mean changing the way that caching worked as well so that the cache could store information for more than one set of images.

    If you’ve got no objections, I’d like to give it a try.



  • alex
    May 25th, 2006 21:41

    this is an excellent modification for simpleviewer. I originally had some issues with galleries crashing on me, but with version 1.1, I turned off the cashing and haven’t had any problems since.

    have you thought about pulling and displaying EXIF data from Flickr? that would be an excellent addition.

  • marky moo
    May 26th, 2006 10:38

    Dave: thanks for your thoughts. I’ve had exactly the same ones with regard to displaying different sets. You’re right, the caching needs to be modified, but I’ve got a solution for this ;-)

    I’m going to move the simpleviewer config (colours, border thickness etc.) into a separate configuration section too, so this should make that stuff a bit easier to deal with.

    By all means, feel free to modify the code - that’s why I GPL’d it!

    Alex: Where/how would the exif data be displayed? There isn’t much room to fit any more text on the screen!

  • Sander
    May 27th, 2006 14:45

    Hi! Thanks very much for this excellent script! Had it working in less then 15 minutes, pretty fast for a firsttime user I think ;-)

  • chad
    May 27th, 2006 22:45

    Is there a way to get the photo’s description and dispaly that instead of the title?

  • marky moo
    May 29th, 2006 13:10

    Chad: perhaps, but it will require more queries to the flickr api. I’ll look into it for a future release. Thanks.

  • Zack
    May 29th, 2006 14:26

    Great work so far - one suggestion :

    Can you include the ability to use a Flickr Group Feed instead of a set feed? An example :

    I want to use that Flickr Group feed, how would I do that?

    - Zack

  • marky moo
    May 30th, 2006 09:58

    Zack, that’s another possibility, yes. You would have to be careful not to download hundreds of photos though, as SimpleViewer downloads them all in the background. Just adding a limit of, say, 20 photos may solve this.

  • joanne
    June 3rd, 2006 10:41

    hi mark! im glad that you came up with FlickrViewer =) i just started looking for an easy way (but nice & sleek one) to show my photos in my own website and i found your free software.

    i dont know a lot about coding/programming PHP or xml or js, that’s why i really hope that you could come up with a version to show the EXIF info. maybe 3 lines at the bottom of the enlarged photo? and also an update with multiple albums (for each set). =) that’ll be totally awesome!

    thanks! cheers!


  • marky moo
    June 3rd, 2006 11:12

    Glad you like it Joanne.

    The EXIF data is available via the Flickr API, though but it would require making a call per photo to get the information. This is certainly possible, but it could slow down the response of your web site a great deal — especially if you have caching disabled.

    In terms of positioning the exif data, I can only update the photo description text. This is something you can reposition in SimpleViewer, but you wouldn’t be able to have two place-holders (one for the description, one for the exif). You’d need to get Felix Turner to change the flash file for SimpleViewer if you needed two place-holders.

    I’ll see what I can come up with for a future release anyway :)

  • joanne
    June 3rd, 2006 12:39

    you’re so cool!i’ll be looking forward to your new updates.

  • Randy
    June 10th, 2006 01:33

    Any expeience making something similar for smugmug users would be great
    is the sample get images method they use. Could you just change that line in your code and make it work ?

  • John
    June 11th, 2006 18:12


    I have a problem. The Cache funktion didn’t work. If i set the TTL = 0 ist works fine (load directly from Flickr) but if i set TTL = 34300 it doesn’t work. Any idea to solve this problem.

    A very nice script!!!

  • marky moo
    June 12th, 2006 12:53

    Can you tell me what the error message is? It may be that your web server doesn’t have permission to write files.

    Can you turn on the debug:

    $debug = 1;

    and tell me what the error message is?

  • John
    June 13th, 2006 13:41

    there is no error message, i doesn’t load the images from flickr, that means it doesn’t ache the files on my server.

    the permission are all right.

  • marky moo
    June 13th, 2006 13:56

    John, can you look at the actual flickrviewer.php file in your browser, rather than the SimpleViewer flash file? If the caching is broken you will get an error message.

  • John
    June 13th, 2006 14:42

    yes i can. but then there comes the flash-logo (which comes bevor loading) the images and then there is the logo the rest of the time, and nothing changes

  • marky moo
    June 13th, 2006 15:32

    John, what’s the URL of your SimpleViewer installation? I think it may be easier for me to take a look! Cheers.

  • Andrew
    June 13th, 2006 16:06


    I’ve been using simpleviewer for a while now, and i stumbled across flickrviewer this morning, I’ve installed it but I’ve got an error when viewing

    Error: Couldn’t open… etc (removed api key)
    Does your web server allow outgoing HTTP requests?

    I’m using dreamhost, and its not very apprent if they do allow outgoing http requests, could this be an issue:

    If so any suggestions of a work around for it?

    Thanks very much

  • marky moo
    June 13th, 2006 16:47

    Andrew, it looks like that’s your problem, yes:

    For security reasons, DreamHost has disabled this feature

    They say there is a work-arounnd using cURL, so this may need to be the sollution. I’m bogged down with work at the moment, so I’ll have a play with cURL when I get a chance to see if it helps.

    (By the way, you may want to turn off $debug now.)

  • John
    June 13th, 2006 17:32

    okay, here is the url:

  • Andrew
    June 13th, 2006 17:53

    Thanks for the fast response, I will have a go with cURL and see what I can do.

  • marky moo
    June 13th, 2006 19:00

    John, first turn on debug ($debug = 1;). Then point your web browser here:

    At the moment the error message says “Error: Cannot open cache file” which isn’t much help. If you enable debug, this should give you a little more information. If you leave a comment when debug is enabled I’ll take another look.

  • John
    June 13th, 2006 19:42


    okay, if done it with debug = 1;

    and then it comes that:

    Error: Cannot open /tmp/flickr.xml for writing.
    Warning: is_dir() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/www/httpd/phost/o/de/pytalhost/opa114/web/:/srv/www/httpd/phost/o/de/pytalhost/opa114/tmp/:/srv/www/httpd/phost/o/de/pytalhost/opa114/ses/) in /srv/www/httpd/phost/o/de/pytalhost/opa114/web/flickrviewer/flickrViewer.php on line 311
    The directory /tmp doesn’t exist. Please correct the $cache variable, or create the directory.

    so i know it is, because my webhoster doesn’t allow no safe mode, and so the script doesn’t run, like some other scripts.

    but it is equal, because i can use it without caching.

  • John
    June 13th, 2006 21:53


    another question. how can i make the picture bigger.

    the images are to small, i want them a little bit bigger, and how do i remove the fullsize link?

  • marky moo
    June 14th, 2006 15:37

    Hi John, then is sounds like you need to change the cache directory:

    $cache = \'/srv/www/httpd/phost/o/de/pytalhost/opa114/tmp/flickr.xml\';

    This should sort out your caching problem.

    To get larger images, change the following line in flickrviewer.php (around line 261):


    Just put in a size that suits you. You may find, though, that the images don\’t scale up that well. See how it works, anyway.

  • John
    June 14th, 2006 20:54

    thanks, but changing this, has no effect “maxImageDimension=”500″

    if changed it to 800px, but the pictures are so small like before

  • marky moo
    June 14th, 2006 21:29

    Hi John, I don’t know much about configuring SimpleViewer - you should take a look at number 4 over here:

    Or else, look in the SimpleViewer support forum:

  • mologo
    June 19th, 2006 21:44

    hi Marky moo,

    This is great - i am experimenting with it @

    I have literally just started playing so don’t have much to feedback but am anticipating that all of my galleries will use this shortly - if i can personalise it enough and seemlessly intergrate.

    Anyway cheers mate :)

  • Crazy Yahoo!
    June 27th, 2006 08:46

    Can flickrviewer work on geocities websites? how do i configure the PHP to get it to work?

    The simpleviewer just hangs there and doesn’t seem to load my pics. I’ve got 200 pics in there but it’s only 9meg big in total.

    thanks for your help.

  • Mark
    June 27th, 2006 09:30

    Don\’t know about running it on geocities, I\’m afraid. Your PHP doesn\’t seem to be running:

    so this is the problem. Anyone else know if you can run PHP on geocities? Even if you can, I\’d be surprised if they let you make outgoing connections to flickr. Probably not looking good in this instance…

  • kwbaker
    June 28th, 2006 13:14


    FlickrViewer is something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

    I get the following error message:

    “Error: Couldn’t open Does your web server allow outgoing HTTP requests?”

    I thought turning off caching would cure this. Any advice?

  • Mark
    June 28th, 2006 20:20

    Kwbaker, I don’t think turning off caching will help, no. It looks like your web server doesn’t allow PHP to make connections to remote servers, so given this you won’t be able to use flickrviewer I’m afraid.

  • kwbaker
    June 28th, 2006 22:21

    Crap. Do you think I could use SimpleViewer?

  • Suprada
    June 29th, 2006 23:00


    First off excellent work on bringing this integration together. I downloaded your files and everything is working quite well. However, I’m facing teh same problems one of the earlier posters mentioned: if I change colours, borders, frame padding, link on/off options in the php script none of them actuyally show up. Is there any workaround?
    Can you help?

  • Mark
    June 30th, 2006 08:59

    Kwbaker, I don’t think it will work as it stands, no. I’ve been planning a ‘FlickrViewerLite’ which will solve all these problems (but be less flexible in the process). Not sure when I’ll get a chanceto write it though - am bogged down with quite a lot at the moment.

    Suprada, thanks for your comments. If you change the styles, you must remember to refresh the cache file. Do this by setting the ttl to one second:

    $ttl = 1; // 1 second

    This will refresh the cache, and you can then bump it up to 12 hours or whatever you want.

  • feather
    July 5th, 2006 19:15

    I love this app and works great for me,

    I also have the problem of only showing small pictures
    the maxImageDimensions doesnt seem to have any effect

    did anyone find the answer to this one ?

  • Winnie
    July 15th, 2006 15:11


    This is nice, thanks. A question: how can one display the newest images first? Right now, the output shows the oldest pool pictures first.


  • tommy
    July 17th, 2006 04:50

    hmmm….i can modify simpleviewer to give me more than 3 colomns and rows for thumbnails, but when i changed the .php from 3×3 to 4×4 in flickrviewer, no such luck, still 3×3

    of course, not knowing much about php….

    thanks for the fun code!!

  • Jon MacKinnon
    July 18th, 2006 01:23

    I love this little script! I’ve just started using it on my site and a lot of people have commented on how good it is! Its the FlickrViewer script that makes it so useful for me though! Without this I would be pretty much screwed and would have no way to nicely present my photographs.

  • Greg Valiquette
    July 18th, 2006 02:15

    Hey Mark,

    Flickrviewer is amazing. I’ve currently been playing around with integrating it into my flash website. I have written the code to pass the flickrset from a separate xml file, through flash into flickrviewer.php (I’ve attached a note on this at the bottom).

    I was wondering if you knew of any limitations to the flash level you can use simpleviewer on? In flickrviewer loads fine. however in where I have put a close button on a higher level, flickrviewer gets stuck on Loading Image. Since it needs to recognize the xml path before Loading Image is displayed, do you have any idea what is hanging the loading process? Any help would be super appreciated.

    For anyone reading this, if you want to constantly update the flickrset displayed with flickrviewer, just call flickerviewer.php?flickrset=”YOURGALLERYID” and the in flickrviewer.php change the line with the set number to $_GET[’flickrset’] and the variable will be passed.


  • Mark
    July 19th, 2006 13:20

    Feather: This is a simpleviewer configuration isue I think. My one criticism of simpleviewer is the use of space - it tends to waste a lot of space around the sides.

    Winnie: Yes it can - you need to re-order them in your set on flickr. This should do it.

    Tommy: That’s probably due to caching. Set the $ttl to 1 while you’re tweaking the files.

    Jon: Glad you like it!

    Greg: Passing the setid will be in the next release (when I have time to sit down and write it). The cache model needs changing for this to work correctly.

    I can’t find flickrviewer on your site so I’m afraid I can’t comment on your problem.

    Cheers all!

  • yn
    July 20th, 2006 04:57

    Hi anybody can help
    I am using IIS as my webserver but getting this error
    Error: Couldn’t connect to Flickr Web Service
    when i turn on the debug
    Error: Couldn’t open Does your web server allow outgoing HTTP requests?

    Please help

    Appreciate it very much

  • Jon Battle
    July 20th, 2006 21:50

    Mark - Im close but cant get this to go:

    My URL is:

    I have the the SimpleView files in the gallery directory. I got my api keys, and all that..but when I run it, it just sits..appreciate any guidance. Thx

  • Mark
    July 21st, 2006 08:40

    Hi jon,

    Your web server doesn’t seem to run PHP. If you open your flickrViewer.php file in a web browser:

    you get the raw PHP. You need to speak to your hosting company to get them to enable PHP, or move to a better web host!

  • chris tuttle
    July 23rd, 2006 17:34

    i’m devestated that after loading all this up to find that it appears my host also doesn’t allow the http requests–and i don’t have a bad host either….

    it seems though that there are many who have hosts who DO allow this and everything works w/o issue… can they/you all share who your hosts are?

  • Kevin
    July 24th, 2006 15:24

    I am trying to get mine running through a greybox.

    Its the Polaroid gallery I am trying to use with FlickrViewer. Any idea why its not working? I am hosted by Laughing Squid. Thanks


  • cynthia
    July 24th, 2006 22:25

    Hi I recently set the flickrview up, however it does not update any of my most and new recent pics that I upload from flickr. what seems to be the problem about this?

  • Mark
    July 25th, 2006 09:55

    Chris: Sorry, I wouldn’t know who to suggest really My only experience with a hosting company was not a very good one, so I wouldn’t recommend them.

    Kevin: if you go to then you get an error message. Please try to read the other comments and follow the suggestions above. You can see that you are unable to connect to flickr, so you probably can’t make outgoing HTTP connections.

    cynthia: I can’t tell you without seeing your installation.

  • Kevin
    July 25th, 2006 20:38

    Thanks Mark! I didnt know how to get to that error message.

  • rozzzebud
    July 27th, 2006 05:45

    Hi Mark,
    I absolutely love what you have done here! I am creating a portfolio website for a photographer and this is just what I have been look for to assist me!
    I see that you can take out the link back to flickr which is defintely what I want to do - is this an issue with the folks as Flickr? I saw this in there terms:

    “Link back to Flickr when you post your photos elsewhere
    The Flickr service makes it possible to post images hosted on Flickr to outside websites. However, pages on other websites that display images hosted on must provide a link back to Flickr from each photo to its photo page on Flickr.”


  • Mark
    July 27th, 2006 08:22


    You’re right, this is what flickr says so I’d be inclined not to remove the link!

  • Daniel
    July 27th, 2006 11:15

    Hi Mark,

    I installed your great addon.
    but i can’t manage to get it working with cache on.

    it gets met an error :

    Error: Cannot open for writing. The directory doesn’t exist. Please correct the $cache variable, or create the directory.

    but the directory exists and i thought i enabled it using chmod i tried 777 / 776

    what am I doing wrong or is there another way to enable this ?
    I left debug on for now.


    LINK :

  • Mark
    July 27th, 2006 11:25


    Your directory name should be the directory name on the file system — not the URL of your web site.

    For example:

    $cache = '/tmp/flickr.xml';

    $cache = '';

    Hope this helps.

  • Daniel
    July 27th, 2006 12:10

    Hi Mark,

    It still isn’t working.
    still an error msg.

    Also the /tmp/ folder gives an 403 forbidden
    that misght be part of the problem…
    maybe i should use a .htaccess file to fix this ..


  • Mark
    July 27th, 2006 12:39

    You may need to change the ownership of the cache directory so that the web server owns it. Worth a try, but you’ll have to use a different directory to /tmp.

  • Sophist
    July 28th, 2006 00:27

    This looks perfect. Fantastic. Amazing.


    I can’t get it to work though. When I view it online, I see only a message that I do not have Flash installed. (the browser’s Flash plugin works fine on other sites.) When I view it offline directly from my computer files, it looks lovely except that the slideshow contains zero pictures.

    Can you help??

  • EeLeen
    July 31st, 2006 06:46

    I am having a problem as Sophist as well. I can cache from flickr correctly.

  • Mark
    July 31st, 2006 10:36

    EeLeen, it looks like the problem is a missing flashobject.js file. You need to make sure you upload this to the same directory as SimpleViewer in order for it to work:

    Sophist, I’m guessing this is your problem too…?

    Hope this helps.

  • Adam
    July 31st, 2006 22:35

    Hi Mark,

    Great little app, exactly what I need to force me into a ‘photo a day’ regime for the next year.

    One small thing however… Is there any way to extract the date the image was taken from the flickr api and use it instead of the “View full size” currently filling the caption. I’ve tried it by adding “+&extras=date_taken” to the end of the api request url but can’t seem to hack the $photo[] array that it goes into. Any help appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  • EeLeen
    August 1st, 2006 02:24

    I just found out my problem.
    I am using Simple Viewer 1.8 that why I dont have flashobject.js file.

    Anyway, another problem facing here is, when I set the cache to 0 (means no caching) I managed to get the picture show in my gallery. But when I enable caching even for 1 second, I didnt able to get Flickr picture.

  • Mark
    August 1st, 2006 09:24

    Adam: I didn’t realise you could get this from the Flickr API; I’ll take a look at some point and get back to you by email. Bit busy at the moment so may take a few days.

    EeLeen: OK, FlickrViewer isn’t tested with SimpleViewer 1.8 yet. Again, not had the time yet!

    If the cache isn’t working, then it is likely you have a problem with your web server writing to your filesystem. If you enable the debug mode ($debug=1) then I can take a look at the error message to see if that helps. However, It sounds like a permissions problem.

  • EeLeen
    August 2nd, 2006 01:33

    Thanks a lot. I managed to solve the caching issues.
    I just CHMOD the flickrviewer.php, flashobject.js and viewer.swf to 666.
    It solve the problem.

  • Rose
    August 2nd, 2006 19:21

    Hi Mark,

    Flickrviewer was sooo easy to set up and use with Simpleviewer - thanks!

    Question: Is there a way to add a link to pop up the image in a new window so that the user can print the image that they are viewing? Pre-flickrviewer, I was able to do this by this by modifing the caption field in the buildgallery.php file, however I was sure how to do this now with the pulling the files directly from flickr or if it is even possible…


  • l01c
    August 14th, 2006 16:46

    For those who had a problem linked to fopen and http requests being blocked by your provider (like Andrewabove), I’ve tweaked the php a bit…

    Replace the segment between “// off we go!” and “// Do we have any photos?” by the following :

    // off we go!
    if($handle = @fopen("$url", "rb"))
    while (!feof($handle)) {
    $xmlin .= fread($handle, 8192);

    $ch = curl_init();
    $timeout = 5; // set to zero for no timeout
    curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
    curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
    curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, $timeout);
    $xmlin = curl_exec($ch);

    // parse the flickr response
    $xml_parser = xml_parser_create();
    xml_parser_set_option($xml_parser, XML_OPTION_CASE_FOLDING, true);
    xml_set_element_handler($xml_parser, "startElement", "endElement");
    xml_parse($xml_parser, $xmlin, true);

    // Do we have any photos?

  • Mark
    August 14th, 2006 22:45

    Cool - thanks for that l01c - that’s excellent.

    I’m slowly getting through my to-do list, and when I get to the next release of FlickrViewer I shall certainly include this.

    Rose - I’m not sure how flash works in terms of embeded hyperlinks so can’t really anwser. When I get a chance to tinker I’ll have a look.

  • Courtney
    August 26th, 2006 05:50

    I love it! I’m using it for a wedding photo gallery ( — still heavily under construction atm), as my parents and other aged relatives aren’t saavy enough to navigate flickr. I’m still trying to get it customized to my liking (having trouble with the viewer actually accepting my changes to the xml file, not sure why…). Aside from minor cosmetic details, this is great!

  • Martin
    August 29th, 2006 12:48

    Hi and thanks for a great program.
    Im trying to use it with Porta. Is that impossible?

    I belive I did everything correct. Everything works but there are no photos on my webpage:-)

    Maybe it does not work with Porta?


  • Grace
    September 8th, 2006 00:51

    Anyone who knows a free web host that support flickr viewer…i tried a some and either they don’t support php or outgoing HTTP requests.
    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Steve
    September 12th, 2006 19:17

    I have no problem getting the app to work, great job, very cool to intergrate it with Simpleviewer. The problem I am having is getting it to fit in a table on a designed page. I guess I have to crack open my javascript book and CSS style book. What is happening is:

    When I insert this code:
    SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery

    var fo = new FlashObject(”viewer.swf”, “viewer”, “100%”, “100%”, “6″, “#4E2875″);
    fo.addVariable(”xmlDataPath”, “flickrViewer.php”);
    fo.addParam(”quality”, “best”);

    Into my table it doesn’t work, I have narrowed it down to the “flashcontent” div. So basically I am searching for the javascript code that will just write the viewer.swf into a table. Guess I better learn some CSS stuff for designing, haha. If you have some time please help or anyone have suggestions for how to rewrite the javascript code to just write the viewer.swf into a table row? Thanks, great app Mark.

  • Steve
    September 12th, 2006 20:40

    I have figured out the problem…

    For those of you who were like me. If you want to add the viewer.swf into a table row, you add the tags into the tag and put the javascript outside the table. This was probably something simple that many of you had already figured out but anyway. One other thing, it seems like the swfObject.js is replacing the FlashObject.js script because of patent issues. So that might be something anyone moving forward might want to think about.

  • Ali
    September 24th, 2006 23:28

    If anyone can take a look at my site and tell me why it keeps hanging on the “Load Image” stage, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Website is as follows:

    Thank you! =)

  • Chase
    October 3rd, 2006 16:13

    I love this app! This is exactly what I was looking for… and all has gone smooth getting it up on my page except now that it’s up there, it only loads a batch of photos instead of the whole thing… They are all coming flickr, and should all be loaded relatively at the same time. But I could leave simpleviewer up all day and there would still be a batch of photos that wouldn’t load. Here’s just an example of what i’m talking about…

    It’s not the same photos every time, it’s random. Notice how there are some that are dimmed and some that are not. That means it’s not my hosting server is it? Because it did load that thumb, it just won’t connect to flickr from there.

  • teresa
    October 6th, 2006 07:02

    i don’t know how to use this thing at all. but i like it. isaw it in some website. the simpleViewer is totally awseome. but i don’t know how to use this at all. and i’ve read the instruction but i don’t understand it. oops

  • munkay
    October 16th, 2006 06:11

    Should’ve looked at your solution first l01c, because I coded almost the exact same thing in order to fix the outgoing http request problem. My host (Dreamhost) does not allow it (as others before have noted).

    Your code is excellent, except that it does not do any error checking (in case the constructed url is wrong etc etc).

    I’m posting my solution here, in hopes that it may provide a different approach:

    Replace the segment between ‘//off we go!’ and ‘// parse flickr response’ with the text as below:
    // off we go!
    // init handle for curl
    $curl_handle = curl_init();

    // set curl options

    // buffer will contain the result of the http request
    $xmlin = curl_exec($curl_handle);

    // cleanup and close handle

    // check if response exists
    // parse the flickr response

    Hope that helps,

  • adam
    November 6th, 2006 13:23

    hey ho, having some trouble getting mine to work

    any help much appreciated!


  • adam
    November 6th, 2006 14:25

    forgot to post, php info for my server >>

  • adam
    November 7th, 2006 14:19

    nevermind, got it working thanks to 101cs script, cheers!

    great work

  • Kr├Ątze
    December 5th, 2006 09:34

    My Gallery doesn’t work. I tried to configure it several times, always following the descriptions.

    Does anybody have a clue what might be wrong?


  • lyngve
    December 23rd, 2006 01:02

    Thanks very much!
    I did some few tweaks, and it works nicely on my website:

  • keith
    December 26th, 2006 21:29

    I’m having a hell of a time with the cache folder. If I set the tll=0, it works with no problem.. otherwise, i’m getting an error that i assume means there’s a problem with either the permissions or the existence of a cache folder/file.

    what exactly does /tmp/flickr.xml refer to? In windows terms, does that mean c:\tmp\flickr.xml, or is it related to the website, so would refer to

    in either case (windows path location vs. web path), how do I ensure I have the proper permissions? Give the IUSR account read/write, or ? I’m using IIS 7, which just adds more BS to the mix, since it is so different from IIS 6.. ugh.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Mark
    December 27th, 2006 14:04


    The PHP is written to run on Linux. You need to change the cache path from /tmp to c:/temp or something like that. You may have a problem with permissions, but you should be able to suss that yourself….

  • Jay
    January 20th, 2007 17:38

    Hi, am desperate to get this working but cannot;

    It says in step 2 of installation: “Download FlickrViewer and extract the files to your web server.”

    When i download Flickrviewer it is a TGZ file that my computer does not recognise (and neither do i for that matter!) meaning that i cannot extract the files.

    Please help!

  • Mark
    January 22nd, 2007 21:02

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