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Ping server survey, September 2006

About a month and a half ago I mentioned that I was going to start monitoring ‘ping relay servers’ to see what sort of performance and availability they get. There were only three that I could monitor at the time: Autopinger, Blogflux, and Ping-o-matic.

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Technoranki Update

I’ve been getting a few emails about technoranki lately, so I thought I’d give you a ‘current status’ post.

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Website monitoring pays off

I’ve been monitoring the perfromance and availability of some of my websites for two years now. By measuring things like how long it takes to connect to the web server, how long it takes for the web server to respond, and how long it takes to download all the content, I’ve been able to improve the performance of several websites, including of course, BritBlog.

The website monitoring service that I use also alerts me by SMS and EMail when the web sites die, or if they fail to respond in the expected fashion. This has been particularly handy for BritBlog which runs on a rather temperamental server!

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Croatia Photos

I’ve started to load my Croatia holiday photos into flickr. It will take a while as they’re all RAW so I’ve got to select the better ones then process them.

I’ve started to geotag the photos using the flickr organiser, which means you can see my photos on a map. I’m reading out the coordinates from my GPS tracklog at the moment and doing it by hand, but I hope to automate it shortly. The problem I’m faced with is my GPS tracklog is in local time to Croatia and my photos are an hour behind in GMT.

You can see the full Croatia photo set, or view the photos by day using the list below (which I’ll update as I load the photos).

Croatia Day 1 Day 1
Land at Rijeka, drive along coast road to Šibenik via Senj.
Croatia Day 2 Day 2
Šibenik to Skradin (National Park), look at waterfalls at Skradinski buk and monastry on Visovac island, then drive to Split.
Croatia Day 3 Day 3
Look around Split in the morning, then drive to Dubrovnik via Podgora.
Croatia Day 4 Day 4
Look around Dubrovnik, and walk around the city walls.

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Croatia holiday: In summary

Well as I alluded to in my last post, I’m now back from my holiday to Croatia. Had a great time: weather was perfect (sunny and dry with no humidity — just how I like it), food was good, drink (notably the local wine) was very good, and we got to see quite a lot of the Crotian coast in our time there.

We flew in to Rijeka airport in the North of Croatia and spent a couple of days driving down to Dubrovnik (via Šibenik and Split). After spending three days in Dubrovnik we went up to the island of Hvar, spent a few days there (had a great day on a small hire-boat that cost just twenty five quid for the day), then drove back up north to the Island of Krk, ready for the flight back.

As you can probably imagine, I took rather a lot of photos and I’ve started to filter them down. They’ll all appear on flickr in due course, but this time I’m trying something a little different: I’ll be geotagging my photos. I picked up a very small Garmin Geko 301 GPS receiver which I left in my camera bag, so I should be able to work out where I was everytime I took a photograph. (It was giving me accuracy of 12 feet and less with WAAS turned off, which I think is pretty amazing). Just in case there are issues with that, I also recorded the location from which I took lots of photos from as waypoints.

It will be interesting to see if this works, and I’m looking forward to seeing other people photos taken from the same places!

I saved my daily tracklogs (logs of where I had been) on the GPS, and it looks like you can publish them to your website and replay them on Google Earth. I’ve not worked out how to do this, but I’m guessing it’s quite straight forward. So watch this space - you’ll be able to re-live every detail of my holiday :-p

The worst thing about holidays is coming back to email. I’ve already deleted over 3000 spam mails that were missed by my spam filter, so if I’ve missed anything from anyone, then sorry! I’ve got quite a lot to follow up on too, which is a bit of a pain.

Anyway, must press on with work (or rather lunch now).

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