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Gosh, Christmas already?

Christmas has come rather quickly this year! However, as it is now upon us it seems like as good a time as any to wish you, dear reader, a Merry Christmas, however you choose to celebrate it.

I seem to have had a few productive days since my holiday began on Thursday afternoon. I spent yesterday trying to track down splogs in Technoranki using SpolgSpot. Sadly, SplogSpot’s database seems to be full of rubbish. Yes, the do have some splogs in it, but they have more than 100 of our valid blogs in their database too (including our very own BritBlog Blog!). I just couldn’t be bothered checking all the ones it threw up as none that I checked were actually splogs.

So after yesterday’s rather failed attmept to locate splogs, I switched my efforts to locating dead and missing blogs in the BritBlog directory. I’ve written a little tool that goes and visits all the blogs in the directory and decides if the blog us there or not.

I’m going to run it each day (probably), and if a blog is missing more than 10 times in a row say, I’ll remove it from the database (probably after emailing the owner to tell them).

There is some room for improvement with this: for example I haven’t decided what to do with URL redirects yet. I think I need to sort out the trailing slash issue first, then worry about the remainder of these issues. It’s been a good chance to have a practice with Python though. Seems like a good language, but I’ve got a long way to go ;-)

Anyhoo, the tool seems to be doing it’s job so I’ll bolt it into the live application over the next few days. Will be good to remove some of the deadwood from the directory. That remonds me, the spider is running silently in the background. There’s a lot of work to do before it can go live, but it should be another useful tool in the battle to purge dead blogs from the directory.

Right, can’t sit up all night — I don’t want to scare off Santa!

Merry Christmas!

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Tackling Splogs

I’ve been troubled by spam blogs (splogs) for a long time, and in recent months have been looking for methods to deal with them. If you have a blog, then no doubt you will have been bombarded with comment spam since about day 1. If you run a blog service (like BritBlog or Technoranki), then you will also come across spam blogs trying to abuse your service for their own evil gains.

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4×4 Drivers: Bullied at school or just little dic*s?

I don’t know what it is with 4×4 drivers, but why are most of them such aggressive drivers? I’ve ranted in the past about Ford Focus drivers, but must now confess that they’re not all that bad. My annoyance is now directed at 4×4 drivers instead.

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The blog of a serial killer?

According to The Telegraph, the suspect arrested in connection with the murder of five women in Suffolk has his own My Space account, going by the name “The Bishop”.

If this is true and not just a hoax, I find this quite scary. It must be very odd for the 7 friends listed too (Lizz, Rain, hillary, Jordan, Sebastian, Tom). And the guy hasn’t logged in since 27/10/2006; is this date significant?

Mr Stephens, 37, was arrested at home in Trimley, near Felixstowe this morning.

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Ping server survey, November 2006

Here are the November Ping Relay Server Survey results. For details of the methodology take a look at the first post on this topic. I am currently monitoring the following three ping services: Autopinger, Blogflux, and Ping-o-matic.

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Blogmeet done.

IMG_4792, uploaded by Mark Sweeting.

Yesterday’s blogmeet went well — I think we had about 15 people at the table at one point. It was a good meet, and as always I look forward to the next one!

Role of Honour

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