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Duck being silly in Ripley

Credit: my sister in law…

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Royal Albert Hall

More evening shooting, this time the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington (London, UK). I wasted about three quarters of an hour on the other side of the building as I thought I might get an interesting photo with the traffic going past, but when I got home and inspected the results I wasn’t too impressed.

I’m still getting to grips with my new camera, and last night I fell into the trap of not looking too closely at the histogram, relying instead on the preview picture in the LCD. This image looked a lot brighter ‘in the field’, and the sky was pretty impressive. Maybe I need to tweak it a bit more, but I guess the learning is half the fun….

I used my flashgun to fill in the pedestal in the middle of the frame as it was a bit dark compared to everything else. Anyone watching must have thought I was mad - running from side to side during the exposure firing my flash!

Although the camera was level, I think I was positioned a bit too far to the left — the statue isn’t quite in the centre of the building and the paving slabs aren’t parallel to the bottom edge of the frame. However, the verticals are nice and square, so that’s something to be pleased about ;-)


River Thames by Night

IMG_0755, uploaded by Mark Sweeting.

Popped up to London last night to take some photos of St. Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge with a couple of friends. It almost didn’t stop raining, but it was worth hanging around…

Croatia Photos - finally done!

IMG_3859, uploaded by Mark Sweeting.

I’ve been off work I’ll for the last few days (well, Friday and Monday, with the weekend in between just for good measure), and this gave me the chance to finish sorting through my Croatia holiday photos from last September.

The above photo is about the last one I took while away, and I think perhaps my favorite.

You can view the full set for now, and when I get around to it I’ll work out how to do something cunning with my GPS tracklog, google earth, and flickr.

Don’t forget to look at my flickr map for this holiday now that I’ve spent ages hand-geotagging the photos!