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Perseid Meteor Shower from Leith Hill Tower

(Hmmm, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it….).

I popped up to Leith Hill Tower this evening to try and get some photos of the Perseid meteor shower. I only realised it was madness while I was stumbling around in the pitch black wood trying to find the right path that goes to the tower. The tree cover rendered my GPS useless, and at one point I really thought I was going to spend the night in the woods!

Anyway, I eventually found it, and bumped into a local warden and his wife who were also star gazing up there. Leith Hill is the tallest point in South East England, and you can see London to the North and the sea to the South. On a clear night like tonight London stood out like a sore thumb - really spoiling the sky IMHO.

I saw loads of meteors, but as you can see from the photo, I failed to catch any on film (or digital). It’s all about the journey though, not the destination… (read: “I don’t care what the photos came out like, so long as i had fun taking them!”).

Right: it’s a school night so I really must get to bed!

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