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They say “Love is Blind”

Just filling out my tax return and got to this question. You need a bit of light relief when you’re doing this!

Perhaps is should read:

“Do you want to claim blind person’s allowance for married couples?”

It’s not really Spring

What a beautiful day! My M&S vase and M&S daffodils were a lovely sight to see in the morning.

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theJazz to close

Yet another nail in the coffin for Jazz broadcasting: GCap Media is to close two digital radio stations: The Jazz and Planet Rock.

Typical! I only got around to listening to theJazz about a month ago, and already it is going the way of Jazz FM and shutting down.

I’d even been looking into DAB radio choices over the last couple of weeks so I could listen to it in the Kitchen and the Bedroom, but now it seems like there will be no point in buying one. Ah well, I guess it’ll save me some money…

The only option I’m left with now is listening to TSF Jazz, which is a French jazz radio station that you can get via internet radio (or on my squeezebox…). It seems like a reasonable station - I just have no idea what they’re talking about!

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Mini Beer Festival

Last Friday I held a “Mini Beer Festival” ’round at my home. Because I got into this rather strange habit of photographing all my real ales before I can drink them, every now and then I end up with a large cupboard full of beer. I normally buy beers in threes (of each type) so that I have one to try, another one in case I really like it, and then one to keep in the cupboard until I photograph it. Yes, strange I know…. but it takes all sorts.

So this was the menu:

Brewery Beer Alc %
Badger Hopping Hare 4.5
Batemans Victory Ale 6.0
Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA 5.3
Black Sheep Brewery Yorkshire Square Ale 5.0
Brakspear EPA - English Pale Ale 4.2
Brakspear Oxford Gold (Organic Beer) 4.6
Cotleigh Brewery Barn Owl 4.5
Cwmbran Brewery Plum Porter 4.8
Dark Star Brewery Espresso (Superior Coffee Beer) 4.2
Darwin Brewery Rolling Hitch 5.2
Double Maxim Beer Company Double Maxim (Premium Brown Ale) 4.7
Felinfoel Brewery Double Dragon 4.2
Fuller’s Jack Frost 4.5
Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted (Blond Beer) 4.2
Hepworth & Co Brewers Iron Horse 4.8
Hook Norton Brewery 303 AD 4.0
Hook Norton Brewery Double Stout 4.8
Hook Norton Brewery Hooky Bitter 3.6
Hook Norton Brewery Twelve Days 5.5
Innis & Gunn Original (Oak Aged Beer) 6.6
Jennings Sneck Lifter 5.1
Jennings World’s Biggest Liar 4.3
Marston’s Burton Bitter 3.8
Marston’s Double Drop 5.0
Marston’s Pedigree Six 6.0
Marston’s Strong Pale Ale 6.2
Meantime Pale Ale 4.7
Meantime Pilsner 5.4
O’Hanlon’s Goodwill Bitter 5.0
O’Hanlon’s Royal Oak 5.0
O’Hanlon’s Thomas Hardy’s Ale 11.7
RCH Brewery Firebox 6.0
Ridley’s Old Bob 5.1
Ringwood Brewery Best Bitter 4.0
Ringwood Brewery Fortyniner 4.9
Ringwood Brewery Huffkin 4.4
Ringwood Brewery Old Thumper 5.6
Sharp’s Brewery Chalky’s Bite 6.8
Shepherd Neame Goldings 4.7
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale 4.5
St Peter’s Best Bitter 3.7
St Peter’s Cream Stout 6.5
St Peter’s India Pale Ale 5.5
St Peter’s Organic Best Bitter 4.1
St Peter’s Ruby Red Ale 4.3
Theakston Grouse Beater 4.2
Theakston Old Peculier 5.6
Theakston Paradise Ale 4.2
Thwaites Double Century 5.2
Ushers Founders English Ale 4.7
Wadworth The Bishop’s Tipple 6.5
Wells Bombardier Burning Gold 4.7
Wells Bombardier Satanic Mills 5.0
Westerham Brewery Co. Freedom Ale (william Wilberforce) 4.8
Wychwood BeeWyched Honey’d Ale 5.0
Wychwood Circlemaster (Golden Pale Ale) 4.7
Wychwood White Wych (Golden Ale) 4.0
Wychwood Wychcraft (Blonde Beer) 4.5
Wyre Piddle Brewery Piddle In The Hole 4.0

As you can see, there was quite a lot to choose from! We made a rather feeble attempt at getting through it all, so if you know me and fancy coming to the next ‘event’ then let me know!

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