theJazz to close

Yet another nail in the coffin for Jazz broadcasting: GCap Media is to close two digital radio stations: The Jazz and Planet Rock.

Typical! I only got around to listening to theJazz about a month ago, and already it is going the way of Jazz FM and shutting down.

I’d even been looking into DAB radio choices over the last couple of weeks so I could listen to it in the Kitchen and the Bedroom, but now it seems like there will be no point in buying one. Ah well, I guess it’ll save me some money…

The only option I’m left with now is listening to TSF Jazz, which is a French jazz radio station that you can get via internet radio (or on my squeezebox…). It seems like a reasonable station - I just have no idea what they’re talking about!

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10 Responses to “theJazz to close

  • Mark
    February 12th, 2008 12:36

    I emailed theJazz last night to say how disappointed I was by their demise and got the following response. I don’t expect they’ll mind me publishing this as it seems quite generic:

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your support of theJazz over the past 15 months. We do understand how disappointed you must be because of the changes to our programmes that we announced this week. However, the costs of running theJazz had become unsustainable we therefore had to take this very difficult decision.

    We remain committed to supporting jazz music and the musicians who make it. From February 25, Classic FM will broadcast two hours of jazz music between midnight and 2am, seven days a week. This programme will be available on FM as well as DAB and will therefore reach a far wider audience.

    In addition, these programmes will be available to listen to any time of the day or night, up to seven days after broadcast via Classic FM’s listen again service. You will be able to access this service online at

    We will also be adding a rolling jazz music stream to which will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service allows users to rate tracks, giving you control over what you hear.

    I very much hope you will continue to listen to our jazz programming using one of these three options.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to get in touch.

    Kindest regards,

    Darren Henley

    Managing Director


    The thing sounds interesting… may have to give that a try.

  • Alastair Bawden
    February 12th, 2008 14:39

    Can I suggest WBGO? A real, great, public broadcasting jazz station from Newark, USA. The Winamp stream that I pick it up on is excellent. Also includes great blues and 50’s stuff on Saturdays.

    Let me know if you’d like further suggestions.


  • Mark
    February 12th, 2008 15:00

    Thanks Alastair - I’ll give it a try!

  • S Steet
    February 23rd, 2008 13:19

    Thanks but no thanks for broadcasting jazz between midnight and 2am. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m usually asleep at that time especially on a weekday!!


  • Mark
    February 24th, 2008 19:08

    I quite a agree - it’s a pretty lame effort…. unless they actually want us to record it and listen the next day. But isn’t that illegal?

  • Dean
    March 5th, 2008 15:01

    Jazz between midnight and 2am, what a good deal (not) for all of us Jazz lovers. Believe it or not most of us are sleeping during those hours. It is a travesty to close down “The Jazz” since there are so few radio stations broadcasting Jazz in the first place. I suppose the “bean counters” at GCap Media are happy.
    Anyway, I am with Alastair, listen to WBGO from Newark N.J.
    on-line, I get great results using Windows Media Player on my computer and they play a very good selection of music.

  • Mark
    April 20th, 2008 08:42

    Hi all, we’ve been listenig to theJazz since its initial broadcast on that happy christmas day. We too looked down the DAB line, got a laptop instead so we could listen in bed on the rare Sunday mornings when we are both off and drink a pot of coffee up there. The two hours broadcast between midnight and 2am are available for the week after whenever you want in the ‘listen again’ section, but it is poor pickings really. There are stations out there that play great jazz, its just a case of finding them! The frenck station plays some good music but have no idea what they are going on about between tracks! We will give WGBO a try as recommended, thank you. Keep it cool and happy listening to you all :O)

  • Bob Calderwood
    October 11th, 2008 11:50

    The death of yet another jazz station, the Jazz, and the quiet recent demise of the two hours of jazz on Classic fm without announcement leads me to think that there is some conspiracy against jazz music in this country. Please tell us the real reason why these radio stations are closing down. Lets drop the word jazz if it is so offensive, if that is the reason. I know that perhaps young people may not like it, but is that a reason to deny millions of other people the pleasure of listening to this wonderful music that is one great contribution to world culture by the USA in the 20th Century. Maybe, it is ‘old fashioned’ so is most classical music, but we do not fail to love and appreciate the works of Mozart, Beethoven or Mahler, to name but a few. Most of us who were young in the sixties were brought up listening to the radio that broadcast the popular music of of the 30s, 40s and 50s that included the music of Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, etc. These composers, lyricists, arrangers and singers of that period have been acclaimed as some of the most skilled in their art in the 20th century. Many of their tunes and songs have been performed by hundeds of acclaimed stars of the music industry and have become jazz classics. Jazz is a beautiful art form that allows performers to exhibit their individual expertise through improvisation without the destruction of the original music. Improvisation is nothing new, it is at least 1000 years old. I am very sad that we seem to be so against jazz that we are denying people access to this art form. Is this attitude based on snobbery, ignorance or perhaps racism. For goodness sake Britain,wake up to the reality and celebrate this great cultural achievement.

  • Mike Sullivan
    February 20th, 2009 15:06

    Is there a conspiracy against Jazz Radio, in the UK, if you were to try to produce a radio stream onto the net from the UK you would go bankrupt in however long it takes your money to run out, why Performing Rights, the costs are astronomical.
    So full marks to anyone who starts a Jazz Station, we the Jazz listener are a small minority in the Radio Market! so the advertisers are reticent to advertise on Jazz Radio.
    Than God for the Internet, without it my CD’s and Vinyl would be worn out, I have been a Jazz fan from the Cradle, in the 60s it was listening to Short Wave, NME the music paper used to publish a small section listing stations that played Jazz at certain times, so you could tune in…..haven’t times changed
    PS Jazzfm has re-emerged but can only be picked up on DAB in the London Area! it can be listened to on SKY and on line via their embedded windows player.

  • Len Green
    May 4th, 2010 19:19

    Check out the radio tab on iTunes there is a big section for Jazz including WBGO

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