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Miracles Do Happen

IMG_5024, uploaded by </mark>.

It’s a miracle! A leaf cutting I made last year has finally started to grow shoots!

I took two at the same time; one grew into a nice little bushy plant, and the other one (above) just grew this big lump. I kept it out of curiosity, and it has finally started to grow some little shoots :-)

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Syngonanthus chrysanthus ‘Mikado’

Syngonanthus chrysanthus 'Mikado'
IMG_7592, uploaded by Mark Sweeting.

Picked up this rather strange plant yesterday - Syngonanthus chrysanthus ‘Mikado’.

Syngonanthus chrysanthus ‘Mikado’ comes from the family of the Eriocaulaceae and is native to Brasil.

Swiped the following from a site called Wildchicken so I’ve got it for future reference:

An elegant and unusual new tender plant, which forms a rosette of foliage from which long straight stems grow, each bearing one, creamy-gold, pin-head flower. Very much an indoor plant in the UK, it could be tried in a warm bright bathroom where it will have the humidity and warmth it needs to thrive.

Bright but indirect light. Needs humid surroundings.

Acid compost (pH of 4-5). Well drained but kept moist at all times.

Tender - best grown between 19-22°C.

Because of its origin as a swamp plant, humidity should be kept high, at around 70% if possible. Keeping the plant in a tall, straight sided vase, or a deep shallow bowl, and spraying it regularly with filtered water will help to keep the humidity level up. Water regularly, from the bottom of the pot rather than from above, and don’t allow the compost to dry out. The best place for it would probably be a bright, warm bathroom, unless you can provide its exact requirements elsewhere.

I’ve got mine in the bathroom at the moment, but worried it gets too much sun in the morning…

More photos of Syngonanthus chrysanthus


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