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AXA Insurance screw up

AXA Insurance screen shotI seem to be encountering lots of web site screw-ups these days. Today it is AXA Insurance’s turn.

I just did a google search for camera insurance (I want to get my gear covered), and in the google ads on the side of the results page was a link to AXA Insurance. “OK” I thought, “let’s give it a whiz”.

I’m having a hard time making this sound interesting, so to cut the story short, I visited their site and got a wonderful template page, complete with Lorem ipsum text, holding images and so on.

So my question is this: if AXA Insurance can afford to just throw money away at pointless adverts, why can’t they reduce their premiums too? (Or improve their customer service…)

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SQL Injection made easy

Don’t you just love Windows? I’ve just been looking on a fairly popular online store running IIS on Windows, but it appears to be having some problems:

Dim Connectview, RSview, Queryview, qtyview, line_totalview, subtpriceview, full_totalview, clientidview
clientidview = Request.Cookies(”user”)
Set Connectview = Server.CreateObject(”ADODB.Connection”)
Connectview.ConnectionString = “Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;” & “Data Source=D:stagingbasketdb******.mdb”
Set RSview = Server.CreateObject(”ADODB.Recordset”)
Queryview = “SELECT * FROM basket WHERE Clientid =’”& clientidview & “‘ “
RSview.Open Queryview, Connectview

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Long time no blog!

And not really got much time now - so just a quickie!

  1. A plug: If you live in the UK and want to grow some vines, then my dad has started selling vine cuttings online. He also provides lots of information to help get you going, so go on: convince him that e-commerce works and make an order!
  2. is getting there - have been working on the site traffic tracking stuff. It’s still not ‘open to the public’, but if you’re a member of then you can help out in the trials.

Right - got to dash!

Google Earth


Well I tried NASA’s World Wind a little while back and I was impressed.

Google Earth, however, is in a class all of it’s own (download)! This is absolutely amazing! My only complaint is the lack of data. Turn on 3D buildings and go to New York and you’ll be amazed. Search for a pub in London and be impressed. But find an airport in Baghdad? Sorry, bad taste.

Seriously though, this is really cool software - it just needs more data behind it. I tried searching by place name in France and had no joy with all but two of my searches (and one of those was ‘Paris’).

However, this is one to watch. Oh yes, and if you haven’t come across Google maps yet then you don’t know what you’re missing!

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Just a quickie

as I’ve got to get to sleep! I’m going up to Bradford tomorrow for a meeting, and this means a six o’clock start. It’s a bit early, but it should be nice to meet these folk.

On the downside, I woke up this morning with a sore throat, and I can only expect it to be worse tomorrow. This isn’t good.

I had a good weekend in Devon and Bristol with some friends. You can see the photos here, though you won’t see many if you’re not signed in and belong to my friends or family groups on flickr.

Right, can’t keep my eyes open. Must, get, sleep!

Fun Latin

Do you need to insult your workmates? Or perhaps you just need some handy latin phrase?

Help is at hand!

Paid On Results?

I signed up for Paid On Results yesterday, to see if I can get BritBlog to generate any money…

The company just advertises British stuff, so it seems quite for the, and I’ve tried to choose adverts that should be interesting to our members.

It’s not made any money so far, but we’ll see what happens!

Anyway, it’s all free to join and simple to set up, so why not give it a try too?

The Ox is back

I’m pleased to see that the Ox is back - you should all pop over and say ‘Hi’ ;-)

And I should also encourage you to visit Jim Downing’s blog. Jim is a good friend of mine and he’s new to the blog world, so I’m sure he’d appreciate it if you stopped by and said ‘Hi’ to him too!