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Blogging from my PDA - not quite

I was quite excited to get an Orange SPV M5000 on Monday. ‘Work’ is trialling them with their pre- and post-sales techies, and the bundle we’ve got (at the moment) is particularly good. With WiFi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth (and IR) they promised to be really useful tools, allowing us to keep in touch with the office while we’re out an about quite easily.

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ShoZu - load photos to Flickr from your mobile phone

DSC00123.JPG, uploaded by marky moo.

I’ve been playing with ShoZu, which is a tool that allows you to upload photos to flickr (and other services) from your mobile phone.

You can tag images, add descriptions and so on, and so far it seems quite good!

Just need to make sure the image resolution isn’t too high or it will take forever to upload (and cost a fortune!)

Ipod Nano - proud owner :)

I finally got my ipod nano - a 4GB white beauty :-)

Spent most of yesterday evening working out how to use it and getting to grips with Apple’s iTunes. Not convinced I like iTunes, but it seems to be the only tool I can use.

I only managed to get 364 tunes on my 4GB version so I’m now going through the process of converting everything to 128kbps AAC files instead of the 320kbps MP3 files. This is making a lot of space available and from what people have said, I won’t notice the sound difference. Hmmm, we’ll see.

Anyway, the nano is a very nice piece of kit, but I’m not convinced it’s as robust as it could be. I need to get a case for it too, or else it’s going to get scratched to bits. On the plus side, the sound quality is excellent, and it looks like the battery life will be good too :)