Technoranki is a blog ranking project. It’s probably more of an experiment than anything serious. This is mainly because people get too hung up on things like ranking and popularity, and I don’t want to get myself in the middle of a silly argument about why one blog is ‘better’ than another blog.

Having said that, I was interested in working out what the popular blogs are in BritBlog so had to come up with a plan. Originally I tried looking at just traffic (using an embedded tracking image). There were things I did to the data to try and clean it up a bit, but there were a few clear flaws in this, including:

  • Blogs being read by RSS (so we would miss traffic)
  • Blogs with the full blog postings being readable on the homepage versus those that use a ‘read full post’ link (inflating page impressions)
  • Older blogs would have more pages, so would (all other things being equal) appear more popular. It’s not that age should be dismissed, but it doesn’t help when you get big old *dead* blogs.
  • People cheating

So with technoranki I tried to iron out some of these shortcomings. It does this by collecting a range of information about individual blogs, from a wide range of different sources. Traffic analysis is used too (when there is a tracker installed), but the final score/rank isn’t based on one sole measurement meaning it should be harder to trick.

There is still a lot of work to do on technoranki, but the basic idea seems OK :)

Want to know more? Either contact me or look in the technoranki blog.

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