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Wine Calculator Software Download

This file is a "Wine calculator" and is guaranteed virus free.

WineCalc allows you to enter your grape juice details and see volume and alcoholic strength of the resulting wine. If a higher required alcoholic strength required, this can be achieved by adding sugar - chaptalisation. The required quantity of sugar and the revised wine volume is calculated.

WineCalc was developed to run under Microsoft Windows® operating system and will perform even under Windows 95. The appearance is marginally different depending on the Windows version, but the calculations are unchanged.

The download is a single 235 kB file called WineCalc.exe. To run the program simply copy the file to a drive on your computer and run it with the 'Start/Run' command.

Download Now (235 kB)


Click for a larger image:

Screen shot of WineCalc. Click for a larger one

WineCalc Usage

WineCalc has been kept as simple as possible, so you should find it easy to use.

  1. Enter the data in the 'Grape juice details' box.
  2. If chaptalisation is required, check the 'Allow Chaptailisation' box and enter the required alcohol content in the box provided.
  3. Enter an estimate for the racking loss.

The calculator will automatically complete the calculations as each change is made.

Note that before any chaptalisation data can be entered or calculations made, the 'Allow Chaptalisation' box MUST be checked. If it is not, the calculations are based on the grape juice details.

Please read the notes on the 'Data' page regarding the accuracy of the data and calculations. (See the help file included with the download.)

Download Instructions

  1. Click on this 'Download Now' link
  2. Select 'Save to disc', and save the file to your desktop
  3. When the download is complete, locate the winecalc.exe file that you have just downloaded, and double click it to run.