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John Oxley and Alan Morton's Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator

The Multiplier Effect: an archaeological buzz-word generator

otherwise known as:

The New Oxley and Morton Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator

Bored? Can't break through that writer's block? Oxley and Morton's revolutionary Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator, which shook the world of theoretical archaeology to its very roots when first unleashed in 1984, is back. This updated version for the twenty first century is complete with enough scientific terminology to put any budding Binford on the map.

Soon you could be sprouting words of wisdom along the lines of:

"The 'multiplier effect', where sub-systems enter into a mutual deviation amplifying relationship, is needed to overcome this innate conservative homeostasis of culture." (Hodges 1982: 153)


To use the NEW automated Buzz-Word Generator, simply press 'GO!!!'

Word `A' Word `B' Word `C'

Now simply arrange your three randomly generated words in the order 'A', 'B' and 'C' to reveal your Randomly Generated Archaeological Buzz-Word.

Mark Sweeting's Tip

(Based on John Oxley's original top tip)

"For additional fun and excitement, why not get a friend or Cambridge colleague to click the button for you!"

What now?

We wish you every success in your career in theoretical archaeology. Please e-mail John with your works inspired by the Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator at so that we can assemble a volume guaranteed to earn us professorships from several major academic institutions.

John Oxley is 98 and now seeking employment. Mort was last seen manuring his tomatoes. He is not 98.