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Welcome to the Sweeting Portal

Welcome to Sweeting.org - the Sweeting Portal. This domain serves two primary purposes:

1. The Sweeting Genealogy Project

It provides web space to the Sweeting Genealogy Project. The Sweeting Genealogy Project (formerly the "Sweeting Portal") is intended to help people researching Sweeting family genealogy.

2. Mark Sweeting

It provides web space to Mark Sweeting. Mark Sweeting publishes a range of information on this site covering topics including Photography, Archaeology and Geek stuff.

Sweeting.org News

6 October 2004: Sony Ericsson K700i Themes. OK, so I've been playing with my new 'phone and I just had to try out the theme generator...
Posted by M. Sweeting Go to: Phone themes

17 August 2004: WordPress is go! After creating BritBlog, I decided that I really should have a go at this blogging stuff. I tried it for a while at Blogger, then decided to move back home using WordPress. So why not stop by and say hello?
Posted by M. Sweeting Go to: my blog

20 June 2004: I've just added an exciting new site search to the site. You can search both Sweeting.org and the internet with this new service from Google.
Posted by M. Sweeting Go to: Site Search

13 May 2004: BritBlog - The British Bloggers Directory
My latest project has been launched. The site is a hierarchical directory organised by location. Already had some great feedback off users, and so far things are going well :-)
Posted by M. Sweeting Go to: BritBlog

8 May 2004: Regular Expression Validator
A handy JavaScript-based Regular expression validator. Useful for testing RegExps.
Posted by M. Sweeting Go to: Regular Expression Validator

24 April 2004: MP3 Database v2.0
More experiments with PHP. Browse by Artist or by Genre.
Posted by M. Sweeting. Go to:MP3 Database

27 Jan 2004: How to share a broadband connection
Information on all the different approached you can take to sharing broadband internet connections at home or in the office. The paper covers topics including Microsoft ICS, using a hardware router, using a Linux router.
Posted by M. Sweeting. Go to: Connection sharing

24 Nov 2003: Lens angle of view and field of view calculator
Confused by the change in a lens's field of view as the size of the sensor changes? Then this tool is for you! You can select sensor size from a range of current digital SLR models, and lenses come from a database of current lenses (by companies such as Canon, Nikon and Sigma). The resulting angle of view is drawn on a graph, and the 35mm equivalent lens is calculated for your reference.
Posted by M. Sweeting. Go to: Lens Calculator

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