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Sweeting Genealogy Project

Welcome to Sweeting.org. This site aims to become the central web resource for all people with the surname of Sweeting. I have to main aims for this site:

  1. to facilitate the location of living Sweetings by both friends and family (through the Sweeting Directory),
  2. to share Sweeting (and related) genealogical information to enable the study of Sweeting ancestry (through the members' forum).
Your ideas on how I can improve this site are always welcome, so if you have any ideas, please do contact me.

Contents of this section:

Historical trivia about "Sweeting"

For those of you who appreciate bits of historical trivia, you will enjoy reading what Tony Sweeting has found out about our surname. There is also a lot of information about "Sweetings Rents" provided by the Corporation of London Records Office.

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The Sweeting Directory

The Sweeting Directory is a list of Sweetings from around the world who have asked to be listed here. Hopefully, as it grows, it will become quite a useful resource. Remember - if you are listed here please keep your details up-to-date.

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UK Distribution of Sweetings

This map shows the distribution of Sweetings throughout the UK. If you would like to be included on this map, you must enter your postcode into your membership profile. You need the Flash player plugin for this to work.

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Sweeting Ancestry Research Project

These pages are intended to help people researching their family trees. You can describe your own research activities, post questions, and share genealogy data files (e.g. GEDCOM).

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Sweeting.org Newswire

Keep up-to-date with developments on this site by subscribing to our News Wire. Your email address will not be shared with third parties, and this list will not be used for sending unrelated email.

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Useful Links

It would be silly for me to attempt to list all the useful web sites out there, but these links should provide you with a useful start.

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Comments or suggestions?

Comments are always welcome, especially if they are constructive! Please send them to me using this form).

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