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Mark Sweeting: Welcome

Welcome to Mark Sweeting's home on the web! On this site you will find information relating to topics I find interesting, including photography, archaeology and web stuff.

If you are looking for information on Sweeting genealogy or ancestry, please go to the Sweeting Genealogy Project. For long lost Sweetings, please try the Sweeting Directory.

New! Want to grow some vines and make your own wine? Then find out how and order some vines!

My Blog

UPDATED! Since I built the British Blogs Directory (aptly named BritBlog), I decided I should give this blogging stuff a go myself. So here it is: Marky Moo's Blog. So why not stop by and say 'Hi'?

Some popular blog search terms: Warehouse Express | Dilbert RSS | daily telegraph fantasy football password


UPDATED! My latest photos
See all my latest photos in my flickr account. If I know you, let me know your flickr account name so that I can grant you access to more of my private photos.

If you've not got a flickr account, sign up for a free one now.

Lens Angle of View Calculator
Confused by the effect a digital camera's sensor has on the angle of view of a lens? Then look at this angle of view calculator. You can select a sensor size (35mm film, Canon EOS 10D, Nikon D2H etc.) and a lens and the resulting angle of view is drawn on a graph. Cunning eh?

LensCalc Lite This is a smaller, more basic tool that just displays angle of view. Available for Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Medium Format and CCTV lenses.

Canon EOS 5 - lest we forget.
Photos and specification.

Canon EOS 5

Desktop Wallpapers
Here are some nice desktop wallpapers for you to use. All snaps were taken by me :-)

New! Mobile Phone Themes
At the moment I only have them for the Sony Ericsson K700i. More themes and ringtones will follow.


SETIState is a terminal based Perl/Curses application for tracking the progress of one or more SETI@home client(s) running on networked computers. It is very light-weight, leaving the resources of your machine to crunch those seti work units!

Archaeology Stuff

Something for the Public: Towards a Web Accessible National Sites and Monuments Record(1999 and rather out of date now) Warning: this was not web optimised.

The all New Oxley and Morton Archaeological Buzz-Word Generator

Contact Me

If you have any suggestions/questions about anything on this site, please contact Mark Sweeting using this form.

IT / Internet

NEW! Regular Expression Validator
A handy JavaScript tool that is useful when testing regular expressions.

How to share a broadband internet connection
Information on all the different approached you can take to sharing broadband internet connections at home or in the office.

HTTP Status Code Chart
A table of server response codes - useful when debugging web applications.

Extended HTML Entity Reference Charts
Tables of HTML entity codes.

more technical reference...


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault cheats
These all work with Spearhead and Breakthrough too. The cheats are for the PC game only.

NEW! MP3 Database v2.0 - more experiments with PHP. Browse by Artist or by Genre.

MP3 Database: Artist List A-Z
Really just an experiment with XML, mod_rewrite, and PostgreSQL.

James Bond DVD List
Details on the James Bond DVDs that are available. This was done as an excuse for me to play with XML, PHP and mod_rewrite.

Organist for Hire
in Surrey and the surrounding counties.

Project Cost Estimating: Principles and Practice
My fathers interesting book...

My (old) BMW 318i
May she rest in peace.

The obligatory links page
It has to be done...