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Lens Calculator

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The lens calculator was developed to help me understand the difference in the angle of view of a lens when used with a digital SLR. I'm used to working with 35mm film, and as most digital SLRs have a smaller sensor area to film, you get a so-called 'multiplier' effect.

Digital SLRs generally have different size sensors, so this was taken into account when designing the lens calculator. It imports it's data from a database that contains both sensor size and lens information, so this means it can be easily kept up-to-date.

The calculator has a range of applications - including film and digital SLRs and CCD/CCTV cameras and lenses. I have only really covered the former here, though I have included some CCTV sensors and lenses in the database. If you can think of any other uses for the calculator please let me know and I will try and implement them.

Update: I added a field of view reading to the calculator, so it now displays the field of view of the lens at given distances.

Update "LensCalc Lite" released. This is a lightweight version of the lens calculator.

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The older version of LensCalc Pro (v1.0) may be found here.