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Free Mobile Phone Themes and Ringtones

At the moment I only have themes for the Sony Ericsson K700i, as that is my current 'phone. Others may appear in due course - such as the themes I made for my SPV E100. I've made some ringtones too, which I'll pop up when I get a chance.

I've got matching desktop wallpapers for some of these themes too, which I'll also upload when I get a chance.

To preview the themes, click the 'Preview' link. You need Macromedia Flash player version 6 or above for this to work.

Sony Ericsson K700i

Sony Ericsson K700i

Kate Moss Kate Moss #1 - 7 October 2004
Download kate_moss.thm - 112 KB
Preview - popup, requires Flash.
Anna Falchi #1 Anna Falchi #1 - 6 October 2004
Download anna_falchi.thm - 64 KB
Preview - popup, requires Flash.

To install these phone themes

If you have WAP or GPRS access turned on for your phone, simply point your browser at the URLs for the files above (hold your mouse over the theme file link and copy the shortcut into notepad) and they should install automatically.

Alternatively, download your chosen theme to your desktop computer, and copy it onto your mobile phone into the 'Themes' folder, using Bluetooth or Infrared. Again, the telephone should detect that it is a theme file and ask you if you want to install it.